We have very good working concepts that we will refine now. We have arrived at splitting the extraction into three parts – with an extraction of 25-28 seconds we split them in 8 to 9 sec intervals, yielding different throughput (in cc or g of coffee extracted, depending on bean). More parts added control over the process, in being able to extract just the right state of each bean we are interested in. It also increased the complexity and we will refine this as we go along

For now we have launched the coffee at the London Coffee Festival, with very positive feedback from our tasters – professionals or not. We believe it creates a really unique taste profile that is, with a little practice, not very difficult to achieve. We hope it will help in understanding how the sensual taste of coffee evolves during the extraction stage and that it will lead to a more enjoyable cup, ultimatively. Or at least provide diversion for the rainy days which are – as of April 2012 – definitely upon us!
We have discussed at length with our roasters – Rabbithole Roasters of HongKong, to roast to order and specific profile – and they delivered! We have an Honduras, organic full city roasted and a Yirgacheeffee, also Full City Roast from them. We take the first third of the Yirgacheeffee and the last two thirds of the Honduras, mix them as it extracts on our two groups. Come in and see the results! Ask for the Frankencoffee. We can also reverse the split – it is quite different, but equally interesting.


We grind Honduras in the Robur, 18g in a VST 18g basket, 8sec Preinfusion and 25 – 28 sec. extraction.
The Yirgacheeffee is ground in our Eureka KR, at the same brew recipe, 18g in our VST 18g basket, 8sec Preinfusion and 25 – 28 sec. extraction.
We try to produce 30g of coffee at the final stage. Sometimes and due to the manually controlled process, variations do occur.

We are building a contraption to precisely control the moment of splitting the extraction into stages. At the moment it’s push and shove – taking the cup away and putting a new one under.

At the London Coffee Festival we were working with a Strada – which required extensive re-testing, as the pressure curve is manually controlled. For this, a big thank you to Curators Coffee for letting us having a go at their beautiful three group Strada. They were very accomodating and extremely helpful in our quest, we owe them a couple of hours! Please go visit them and try their coffee too!

As we have two grinders, one Robur and one Eureka KR, and two groups on our Bosco Lever, we are constraining ourselves to two beans. Later we will extract two shots from beans roasted differently. And combine them. Give us a three group and a few more grinders and we’ll show you some wild things. Bosco and Olympus – please note!


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