Sated after an excellent meal, I breached an idea to my friends and we decided to take it further. It originated out of curiosity with how “only crema” would taste like, and the distinct flavour experiences gotten by just dipping the tongue into the crema/coffee without actually sipping coffee. I also observed that many stir their coffee first, instead of just sipping it straight off, wondering if that stir would adulterate taste or not. In essence, when looking at the process of coffee extraction, I believe in simplicity – We don’t believe in creating artificial complexity. This process is a more carefully controlled crafting of a coffee drink than what is normally achieved by having a bean blend. Traditionally, different beans are blended to combine the best characteristics of each bean. Most often, that is a blend of different sorts, Arabica and Robusta. The bean blend is then proportionately mixed and then processed as usual – ground and extracted.

We have thought about the inherent imprecision in this process – not in a bad way and with all due respect to the great and intense flavours and coffees so far produced by skilled master blenders. Our goal is, to produce a more carefully crafted coffee. We propose a different approach, basically reassembling components of extraction of different coffee beans. During a regular extraction we not only look at the whole of the extraction, but also at its parts. For practical reasons, we’re looking at three parts – first extraction, middle and then finish. We notice quite tangible and marked differences between these phases, and often, particular phases of extraction stand out tall, others not so much. Their combination is what we have been looking for perfecting so far.

Naturally, this is a trade-off, if one considers good parts of the extraction being a bit dulled by their less performing parts. So we take this one step further. We segment and complement the good parts of the extraction with extractions from different coffees, that we think match or can even enhance the final cup. Basically, it would be a re-engineered coffee in the fullest sense of term. This is, we believe, a world exclusive.

For example, fruity notes of bean A (first part) + sweet earthy body of bean B (second part) + fadeout from either bean extraction/water = new cup

We are able to carefully compose crema, flavour and tastes inherent to their combined fullest potential. If you like to sample first results, come by and we’ll walk you through.

We will team up with Shin Chi of Rabbithole  and offer the same for one single origin coffee:  We will combine different parts of extraction from the same bean, albeit roasted differently. (The single-bean-two-roasts is Shin’s idea after listening to us, proving that baristas and roasters should talk more often!)

For example, fruity notes of bean A (first part)+sweet earthy body of bean B(second part) + soft roast profile (i.e. less dark) of bean A(last part) = new cup

Only at Coming Soon!

Find out more about our methodology and results


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