COMING SOON COFFEE is London’s first and only dedicated single-origin beans espresso coffee shop having you to choose between two or more different beans for your espresso base drinks. We specialise in bringing the best flavours of the terroir into the cup. We have short hours, because both of us, Hoi Chi and Matthias, work full time as architects. We are at Exhibit Galleries, offering workshops alongside our careful attention to the craft. Happiness in a cup.

We’ll get your Coffee or Tea fix prepared just like you like it. We have a hand operated espresso machine from Naples, Italy. It is something that is rarely seen in commercial business outside Italy as they require attentive operators and deliver not as fast as other machines. All which means we cannot produce drinks at speed. Instead we are placing emphasis on quality of coffee and its beans. We and our roasters consider every stage of coffee production, from planting, location, farmers, processing, transportation, roasting, grinding and brewing, to the very sort of cup that affects the taste.


20 Goswell Road
London EC1M 7AA
we are available to cater for your event – contact us
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