Coming Soon Coffee at Wallpaper* Handmade at Leclettico

In just about a weeks time we will be in Milan setting up a ‘bar-raising (and pulse-raising) coffee stop for Wallpaper magazine Handmade at Leclettico.

If you are around for the Milan Furniture Week, please come around for a coffee from April 9-13th.

We are super excited to be invited by Wallpaper Magazine to bring a customised espresso machine, set up a brew bar and of course run it during the fair. Imagine how difficult it was to keep it quiet until now.

For espresso, we will be serving, as we always have, a choice of two single origin beans.
We have grinder sponsor from our favourite Eureka and the new Brewtal Grinder by Alex Maclntyre.
Coffee will be pulled from our beloved 2 group Bosco spring lever machine from Naples.

For the brew bar, we have two different filtered water of different TDS levels to see how the public would taste the difference with one SO bean.
It was an idea that came about when we did coffee cupping with Chloe using water of different TDS levels, that there is no one best TDS, as they bring out different quality of beans from different origin, so why can’t coffee bar has bespoke water for different beans?
Chloe of Bespoke Water System is making it possible with supplying us 2 set of Reverse Osmosis system and Marco for kind understanding and generous support with 2 Uber boilers and an Uber grinder.

We really wish we can afford to keep all the equipment for anyone interested to work in and experiment with us than just for 5 days….

With beans you might like to come and taste the amazing line up of roasters:
Hasbean Coffee Roaster (UK)
Coffee Collective (Denmark)
Tim Wendelboe (Norway)
Fresh (Hong Kong)
Knockbox Coffee Company (HK)

Apart from coffee we have to design the bar as well, focusing in the hope of creating a different kind of coffee experience.
We use Kebony timber for its dark heavier but calm and tactile quality as the base for all the actions and Architectural Titanium fins cut with soft shapes to form an ephemeral form in disguising the heavy form of bar.
The geometry is the bar has a bend to make clear distinction of brew and espresso. It also helps to enable one to see behind the machine in action of pulling shots.

On the customisation of our machine, will will have our transparent case so the instrument for the cup is naked to the eye and there is also new cut out drip tray and cup warmer by architectural titanium with an unique pattern.

Lastly, we have Kwin Studio making a one off sugar bowl spoon holder set for us.

For now we just needs to be there, hope a shipments arrives, set up the bar with power and water and able to make tasty coffee!

Come and see us! We will update our progress.




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