Before digital: 35mm film and Polaroid : a little thought on how equipment influence the end product

Few coffee friends who are camera geeks was talking about some famous vintage lens which I have no idea about. It then reminded myself of this little photo album I made for the entrance interview at the architectural association a while ago.

My photographic experience, similarly to how coffee was investigated, was never really equipment based but on what sort of image I like to create and/or how particular equipment would influence image making. Back in the days the only affordable equipments were really from the cheap 35mm fully automatic snap shot camera (funny was never a Lomo fan), a Ricoh which has 28mm lens and changes to 24mm on panoramic mode, and Nikon SLRs. The fully automatic was not only light but less intrusive but also able to take pictures everywhere and to shoot subjects without them noticing much as I was able to shot and know the crop without looking. So that created some very improvised images that really connected emotions and message of a particular moment in time that wanted to be captured. Where as the SLR allows some closer inspection and observations composed more carefully.

The Polaroid didn’t came into my hands until a visit to Japan where they launched the Polaroid SLR 690. It was a different world it opened up. With its square format, and through the lens function ,the world somehow was more poetic and sentimental but also with joy as you can share the physical picture instantly and give it away. (Yet it comes with a cost !)

Here is the little album, nothing on coffee but of a time and space n the late 97-99 in Hong Kong and a bit of Japan, have a little guest on which images were taken with what….




















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