2012 Dec 21 the end of……

It may not be the end of the world but sadly it is the end on our stay at Exhibit Golden Lane for us.

It is devastating that we cannot afford the increase of rent in renewing the contract to continue our stay there.

Nevertheless we hope it is not the end of Coming Soon Coffee as we will reinvent our existence and continue to explore, experiment and share our investigation in coffee and things we love.

Please look out for us, until our new location, we see you soon!

So this Friday, come and catch us before we go! With extended hours of 11-4pm apart from the usual 8:30-9:30am and with Matthias back in for his last shift there!

(Not to mention, just hard to find the right words on how much we appreciate and loved all the warm supports…)



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2 thoughts on “2012 Dec 21 the end of……

  1. יואב says:

    So sorry to hear you are closing down 😦
    And since I work out of the city I will not be able to come on Fridsy to say goodby… You must open a new place very very soon.

    I wanted to recommend a new coffee roasting place that I think you should try, Tapped and Packed open a new place in Wardour street (No. 193) and about two weeks ago started roasting some beans….single origin beans…. They are lightly roasted, fruity and…. I will let you find out about the rest ad you are the specialists not me 🙂

    I really hope to see you soon in a new place and promise to follow you on your blog and twitter account.

    Good luck and hope you’ll be coming soon.

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