The wonders in a busy coffee shop: Notes St Martin’s Lane

Surely there are many great coffee shop around the world that serves great coffee in super busy environment, seen some online and been to a few.
However when you are standing next to the serving bar seeing, listening to the action, it is an indescribable experience.
Especially on a 3 group Strada MP seeing each group’s pressure indicate rising up an down, steam hissing and particularly they can still sound super cheerful and joking away while passing orders, greeting very customer with charms, pulling delicious shots and even milk drinks with different sweet patterns.
It is almost like watching a well rehearsed modern dance.
How long would it take me to achieve that? I guess there are things that very few have that unique personality and charm plus skills that makes stressed out customers and member of staff still able to enjoy.
Ed and Ben, you two are crazy!






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