A new spring lever espresso machine by Londinium Espresso: Londinium I

How often do you hear people are unhappy about something then they actually go and tackle it to make it work?

How often do you hear coffee roasters has ideas about espresso machines and went about and produce one ?

How often do you hear someone has such strong believes on spring lever espresso machines and invest time and money to work with local (UK) espressos machine fabricators in manufacturing a single group machine that is easy to use, small enough for domestic environment yet just within the price range of similar category of E61 machine ?

Londinium Espresso may not have perfect it yet, as few other details are being refined, but they have come close to answer all of the challenging desires.

As spring lever machines enthusiasts, we are very pleased to have the privilege to see it today at their factory freshly arrived from Birmingham.
Just an important note, some details are in process of modification as we speak.

We only had time to pull a few shots, tested steam power and try to understand the rational behind the design. It was very impressive that the boiler heated up to pressure set in 4 minutes. Of course we then need to warm the group head up if you didn’t want to wait for pulling shots. The rest was like how we operate the Bosco.
Steam was very powerful, it is not a cold touch wand, same as what Bosco provides.

If we understood correctly, Reiss’s objective is hoping more people can enjoy espresso with this machine, something simple but elegantly engineered and designed using commercial machine’s parts.

The machine we looked at has a reservoir but they also has options for live line in.

To some they might criticise that this may not be the most unique invention ( which wasn’t the case anyway) but yet there are lot of good thoughts and design by UK engineers and Reiss’s experience in coffee.

Hopefully soon we can try it out side by side with our machine for a longer period to taste and use properly!

Enjoy the pictures !

For more information do go to their website and follow his blog to see the video



















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3 thoughts on “A new spring lever espresso machine by Londinium Espresso: Londinium I

  1. nonfoods says:

    Wow, such wonderful pictures of this delightful machine! Good article too. Thanks! I

  2. […] […]
    If we understood your comments correctly:
    Machine is not made by Londinium, it was a team work with design direction from them with engineered and made by Fracino who has years of experience of building espresso machine base in Birmingham, UK.

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