Hong Kong Coffee Exploration 08: Cafe Golden, Shek Kip Mei

Jockey Club Creative Arts Center in Shek Lip Mei was one of the earlier type of social housing in Hong Kong.

When the area was in much need of redevelopment in order to house higher number of those in need, this block is conserved and turned into studios while other 7 stories tall blocks are now over 40 stories tall tower blocks!

On Level one opposite a tea house is Cafe Golden. I was recommended by a few coffee people to check it out and the head roaster/barista at Habitu/ Academics Ben Lam used to run it with another partner(s).

One can find resemblance to Academics with the same paddled La Marzocco 2 group Linea, a M3 grinder and various welled known kits.

The space was quiet on a Tuesday pm, less ‘designed’ to Academics and more local.

Although the espresso was not recommended by the barista as he warned that the beans are too fresh so it has strong smoky taste we still insisted. It is a blend of quite a few origins of beans: a soft acidity follow by slight sweetness, dominant spice and as he said, a prolong heavy dark roast base of cocoa ( can’t say it was smoke or ash, more just heavy roasting). I wasn’t sure dark tasting was due to freshness, my experience with freshly roasted beans are fruits and acidity often overpowering roasting tone rather than the other way around.

The piccolo was rather large especially it was supposed to be a stronger option. Single shot in a 6oz? cup felt more like single cappuccino. It was sweet nut but a little milky ( agree by a non coffee geek friend) , it was nice still.

Hot chocolate is similar to those from continental Europe, very thick paste like and sweet.

We were offered an ice drip Yirgachefee , very floral and has a lemon acidity yet sweet note to it, more tea like quality. Thank you to lovely kind baristas!




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