Hong Kong Coffee Exploration 07: Cupping Room + Chocolate Room, Stanley

It was once a tourist spot with good quality outlets for shopping mixing with sea side beaches, rocks and its own local village.

Now Stanley has developed what it was further and even more touristic like place ( Murray Building and a historic looking pier) , yet with more open space which on a weekday is actually rather relaxing.

Of course now it has a world class cafe with the latest Hong Kong Barista Champion Kapo Chiu and the 2nd runner up team member there as well in his own cafe, Cupping Room.

On the 2nd floor of a rather open shopping mall, there is no shortage of larger coffee shops in the same complex on the ground floor. But if you like something more unique, you have to visit them.

We’ve got served the beans from his competition, a Yirgacheffee Haru Cooperation roasted by Counter Culture Coffee in two different process, a Kenyan style of fermentation and drying and a natural sundried lot

Natural as espresso has a light body , lime like acidity followed by powerful ripe strawberry/ bubblegum sweetness with hint of floral/ bergamot and soothing base. It was the cleanness and most delicate cup I tasted so far. After taste was like magic, there but not there , kind of clean sensation.

The Kenya style process was less distinct but very delicate and clean. ( sorry we enjoyed it so much and forgot to take down notes)

We had a cap which was super sweet without a lack of ‘coffee ‘ taste, also very clean, no ‘sticky-ness’ .

As it was a quiet weekday, Kapo also hand brew both beans as a comparison for us to taste. They are much softer and delicate. However, I prefer them as espresso with that powerful delicate notes.

It was interesting speaking with Derek, as I saw him volunteering in Vienna on his Facebook page. He said it was a great learning opportunity, opened up a greater tasting experience and raised questions of what he knew, which made him experiment a lot more and explore further into things which he have not tried or thought of before.

I hope more baristas in HK will be able to have more of both coffee experience and customer service experience globally so they can extract the essence and demonstrate it in their own way. It is more than winning, rather, able to demonstrate what humanity is capable of.

Good luck to both his shop and him next year at WBC representing HK in Australia!













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