Hong Kong Coffee Exploration 03: Cafe Corridor

In between an alleyway like corridor in the last remaining blocks of residential buildings opposite the outrageous high rental rate Times Square is this hidden cafe which existed for a long time.

Recently they upped their equipment selection with a 2-group Slayer Espresso machine from the States.

They are rather consistent with the few previous visits in both service and cup
” may I know what beans do you use? ” la fro…..( a name)
Oh sorry?
” la f…..”
Oh… I mean what are the origins?
( a slightly friendlier guy answer)
” from various places.. We have 8 different beans in our own in house blend…..to creat a dark roasted profile…”
Right, thank you! ‘

Espresso: A smooth soft low acidity predominantly heavier dark nuts and cocoa. Hint of woodiness(?) like mouth coated with cocoa powder

With milk: sweet chocolate yet toast-ier base comes through (not rubber or ash)
It is nicely pulled and milk is done perfect yet a bit heavy for hot HK September.

Perhaps this is a kind of cafe that one can feel a real Hong Kong-ness to it, quirky space runs with passion ( guessing from the fight with rent/ business , investments) yet a little suspicious of over enthusiastic customer 😉

Still a good place to go, we like Wong Kei once in a while , don’t we all!











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