This is big! But pleasant! @caravankingsX

If you are not a student at the University of Arts London you might not come across to this area.

However, if you were on the Eurostar then you might have seen it when you come in/ out of London.

It is just north of Kings Cross St Pancreas station, an easy 8 min walk along a new pedestrian path, crossing the canal then you will reach an open plaza with water fountain features in front of a group of old building.
Like on the day of visit, it is full of kids playing in hot summer sun/ splashing water with cool looking parents.
Caravan Kings Cross situated majestically towards left hand side of previous granary building.

Inside, your familiar warm tungsten traditional light bulbs with industrial looking lampshade adds twinkle to the warehouse like space. Brick walls and timber ceiling with iron structures are softened by grey felt upholstered seating and some tall windows flooding lights into space definitely makes you want to stay there all day. The long open kitchen Along the front of the space is definitely a perfect scene to watch all the drama.

With super attentive, friendly staffs, delicious food and coffee no doubt it won’t be the first of its kind exploding in London coffee/ coffee roaster/restaurant /wine bar successful scene following its own Exmouth Market original space,Allpress, Workshop, Ozone….

Who will be coming soon ?

Apart from the overwhelming space and service, it is reassuring to see some familiar faces behind the coffee bar, offering confident delicious coffee, whether it is espresso/ brewed and with coffee roasted as well in the thoughtfully laid out/ equipped roastery at the back of the space. ( what a giant Probat!)

When are you going ?













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2 thoughts on “This is big! But pleasant! @caravankingsX

  1. Clive says:

    It’s not really following in the steps of Ozone, workshop and Allpress. I don’t know if you’ve been to the original Caravan in Exmouth market but they were definatly one of the first if not the first coffee roasters / restaurants in London

    • Sorry I didn’t make it clear, you are definitely right, that they started quite early on in 2010 and not in the footstep of others in London.
      What I had in mind was, on stepping through the entrance of this new venue, the size and visual impact that it embraces you with.
      The Exmouth market space is different as the roastery is in the basement and smaller.
      Allpress has large roaster at the entrance but the shop space is smaller even they has more space upstairs ( but hidden away)
      Workshop’s space is more complex, a lowered front with day lid space with attractive green wall and the roastery at the back that connects to the second floor and kitchen.
      Then Ozone’s spatial arrangement has a different impact as it is wider with coffee bar and kitchen on the same floor, with double height linking roastery, cupping lab and back kitchen in the basement. Different seating area (types) offer you choice of different atmosphere.
      Caravan Kings Cross impact is that they have even greater floor space ( I might be wrong) but all on same level with great ceiling heights and windows linking front court and back and side to University.
      Flooding of daylight with long kitchen running along large seating area with tall beverage bar running perpendicular dividing space to the roastery at the back is simple but clear.
      With the front space outside linking the canal, large water fountain play feature, rows of trees with outdoor seating, it is really one of it’s kind, particularly in spatial scale.

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