Very curious results on London Best Coffee App

A very thought provoking results on The London Best Coffee App this Friday, not really who ate the top 3 but the coincidence?/ fact? that they all uses spring lever machine!
Giddy Up uses a three group super engineered and precisionly made Kees van der Westen 3 group Mirage Idrocompresso that uses a heat exchange and thermosiphon to maintain group temperature and ease of operation.
Us at Coming Soon Coffee uses a Bosco 2 group spring lever machine made in Naples. It uses a dipper system (water directly drawn from boiler) so needed warming up before brewing. The simplicity can be seen through a Clerkenwell custom made Perspex case.
Prufrock Coffee at Present sometimes uses a Victoria Arduino 2 group ( heat exchange type) or a 2 group Mirage Idrocompresso machine, also a bit more advance than Bosco.
What does it shown at the results?
Is it the nature of spring lever that made us a bit more caring in pulling shots? (one do need a real physical effort!)
Or does the physical nature of spring with decreasing pressure extract coffee differently buy nicely?
Come and taste it in all 3 of our cups! We are not so far apart from each other!!!
See you soon?


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