Hong Kong Coffee Shops visit: mid night coffee: Knock Box Coffee

Friday night, for most of us it is definitely a drink or so.
Coffee wouldn’t come across in most of our mind.
But in a city like Hong Kong, anything sounding strange just happens naturally.
Little back streets in a more residential part west of Sheung Wan little up the hill above Hollywood road is Tai Ping Shan Street. What used to be workshops, vegetable distributions whole sales, carpentry work shops, garages, now has turned into small galleries, florist , designer studios and if course our little hidden gem: Knockbox Coffee.
The pictures will tell a whole lot of wordless craziness, what one needs to understand is it gets more and more busy as time oases by towards mid night.
It is not the people that are drinking a lot but it is the passion in the air, the debates then someone right away brew a cup to see whether he/she proves their point; Patrick the owner suggested and actually roasted some Yeman beans from a friend who trade and roast Yeman Beans in Roponggi, Tokyo when it was mid night; continuously pulling shots of espresso on the Strada checking pressure profiles and splitting into small glass to taste and comments….
Imagining running into a room (literally a 15-20m2 room) full of any coffee equipment you almost desire…( Strada EP, E-61 espresso machine with custom made automatic pressure profiling kit, Marco über Boiler, Fuji Royal ghosts teeth grinder , v60 drips, cova cone, Kona Siphon, Hario Beam heater, home roaster, Probat Roaster….) books, q-grader info, auction dates….Then a bunch of coffee enthusiast openly sharing, debating, drinking and making drinks….
Passion, enthusiast, liveliness aside, one is hard to pin down flavour notes because we literally had 3 espresso beans and 4 hand brew beans but by different people so was very intense.
But what one get is like a journey of opening up coffee tasting critically on the familiar colourful tasting wheel from SCAA, notes were exchanged and tasted very distinctively.
Can one still go and enjoy a nice cup of coffee ?
Definitely , if you can only resist from being tempted into trying more deliciously and carefully pulled or hand brewed coffee that are on offer.
Best coffee in town?
If you are looking for the N. America 3rd wave or the delicately roasted Nordic coffee or the funky roast from UK this is definitely the place.
For the Australian and New Zealand style of roasting you have to go down the road.

















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