Thought provoking coffee shop: Vagabond

North of Finsbury Park Station up Stroud Green Road wouldn’t be a destination you need hair products or going to the two famous Italian pizza place or the Dairy (Pub) or grocery shopping.
But recently at the corner of Upper Tollington Park Road, landed the intimate and warm Vagabond Coffee shop.
Unlike the new coffee shops that opened in the city with more investments, this is smaller yet full of nice surprises.
Thick chunky solid wood furnishing and thoughtful bar layout and lots of small details makes the place very authentic.
Very often such nice setting comes with disappointment with the offerings, but definitely not here.
On the morning of the visit, Hasbean Blake Espresso Blend was perfectly pulled, can really taste that natural flavour of dried fruits and blueberry like notes with bold and full body punch. With milk it was smooth and mellow yet not lacking in flavour.
I feel very ashamed that I have not visited this earlier living on the south side of Finsbury Park.
On the walls filled with pictures and descriptions of Antony Watson bicycle trip to Ethiopia. The beautifully shot pictures and very informative writing has really made a real mark in questioning what we are trying to develop in our approach to coffee.
This morning’s visit was really like a little shake up in understanding the London Coffee scene as well.
It is particularly touching that knowing the area so well since 1999 and now what this super friendly and high quality coffee shop is bringing to the local community is admirable. Seeing a mix of your normal good coffee shop customers mixing with super local crowd is very heart warming.
Well done Vegabond, keep it up!! Let ordinary Londoners taste something delicious!!





















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One thought on “Thought provoking coffee shop: Vagabond

  1. […] I had the perfect occasion to try Vagabond Coffee in Finsbury Park, which I had heard about from Coming Soon two months ago. My friend Anna ran the 10k Race for Life in Finsbury Park and of course coffee and […]

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