Birth of Frankencoffee : Yirguras & Hongacheeffee

Finally after lots of thinking and discussing and testing with our favourite Hong Kong roaster,  Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster, we managed to get it working!
The birth of our Frankencoffee twins!
We try to stick with our objective of not blending coffee beans but still were curious of how flavours mix.
So we split and mix!
We split the extraction of Yirgachefee and Honduras beans into front, middle and back. See the C_LAB section on this.
Then mix them back in a proportion we believe it works by tasting each part.
Curious how it tastes like? Then come and see us at the London Coffee Festival this Sat from 4-7pm at the True Artisan Cafe !
Split opinion guaranteed!
Still, it is not blending right?









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One thought on “Birth of Frankencoffee : Yirguras & Hongacheeffee

  1. Making coffee is such a science. I am attending the London Coffee Festival this evening and look forward to visiting Coming Soon Coffee very soon.

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