Chocolate Brownies? No : our experiment on reusing waste coffee ground with Exhibit

We are a super (quiet, to be precise) coffee shop but yet we still have a fair bit of coffee grounds from warming up, dialling in, tests and miscellaneous Murphisation of processes (more crudely also known as mistakes, but not really, we don’t make mistakes…)

Apart from packing it to the estate’s food recycle bin we did took some home to use it as skin exfoliating : mix with shower lotion.
It does works very well, the ground still has lots of oil and left over acids that really helps to clean and tone.
In our quiet moments, the idea of mixing coffee grounds into old fashion soap took shape : solid soap felt less messy.
So Exhibit and Coming Soon Coffee started the first batch of natural cold soap.
It will take 3 weeks to cure, come for your sample then!




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