Temperature Repeatability: Aurelia T3

Nuova Simonelli launches Aurelia T3 hosted by Prufrock Coffee at Leather Lane
It is a machine designed to have temperature repeatability with accuracy of 0.3 degree Celsius

but before we get to the actual machine, we have …


the spring lever! This is the Victoria Arduino with a small heat exchanger inside. The heavy brass group head provide a special kind of temperature stability in which a lots of experienced baristas and technical developer are still surprised how tasty espresso can taste from it.


On display outside is the older model but with external magically transformed by Martin



Topped with soft badges from Coffee Libre, roastery from South Korea


so one last look of the tradition before we move onto the contemporary


with big warm smile from the man himself.

From left to right: insulated brass group head with heating element, insulated brew water boiler from which water is through a HX in large steam boiler on right.

Repeatability of temperature is achieved mainly by having a heating element at the base of the brass group head. This helps in stabilising the temperature independent of the brew water boiler in which saturated group uses.

The temperature sensor located in the group head will adjust temperature together wit the other sensor located in the brew water boiler (smaller vertical boiler) and the steam boiler.

Speaking with the technical developer, he said the most challenging task is to find the right location for the temperature sensor as it is very local to only a point. The difficulties threefolds when they have to make the three sensor work with one another.

Whenever temperature needs changing, it reaches target in 30 seconds. However, it takes about 2 minutes to reach stability.

From left to right, supply to steam, hot water, then insulated group head.

In case you are curious how this machine does pre-infusion: the group head has a chamber that is empty of water before brewing. Once you press the brew button, water is pumped into the chamber, however, it does not reach 9bar yet. It is being filled, and as it reaches resistence from the grind coffee, water also fills the brew water boiler which is not completely filled. So pressure builds up slowly to achieve preinfusion.

Side view showing relationship of steam boiler on the right. It is fully welded with only heating element removable. The diagonal parts in the foreground is supply for steam wand, operated by a lever shown on top left of picture.

You can also see size of brew water boiler in comparison to steam boiler.

T3 has a single pump integrated into the machine. In order not to have dropping of pressure when one group is working/ flushing, the engineers did not go for the indivisual pump route but taking inspiration of motor car fuel injection system, it uses a single pump to supply fuel into individual cylinder yet it still able maintain stable pressure throughout.

You might spot those transparent tape on insulation, no, they are not your stationary tape but proper heat resistant tape.



lots of people testing it


A little pre-birthday celebration for Oli as well!


the left behind….

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