During Coming Soon’s recent trip to Thailand, we visited numerous open markets and naturally went in search for coffee. The markets are fantastic – Coffeewise, it must be said that this is a very basic affair. We saw stands, with electric kettles, an assortement of various brands of instant coffee, a bucket of ice and a bucket of water. I could swear I saw a fish in the ice bucket, but my vision is not that good, so take it with a grain of salt. Needless to say pictures won’t improve this, and the most persistent sales pitch did not sway us to try. Sadly, a visit to Bangkok’s coffee houses is still outstanding.

So you ask: How did we stay awake? We had Thai Iced tea, a local spicy one with condensed milk and milk over Ice. Delicious. And lots of fresh coconut milk. You can have them straight, boiled and roasted. Our favourite are roasted coconuts. One wonders why…



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