give espresso a shot! tasting host by us for Londinium Espresso

Bosco messaging

Yes, give espresso a shot!
When hand brew seems like the very now thing to be why don’t we reflect a little on our espresso as well.
Coming Soon Coffee is to host, on March 24, Saturday, for Londinium Espresso to bring 4 to 5 of their roast for some intensive espresso tasting sessions!
It will be a wonderful opportunity to investigate and enjoy how a selected range of single origin beans, from low acidity to the more fruity beans, will taste like especially pulled from a humble spring lever machine. ( Bosco from Naples, Italy)
If the intensity is too strong we can offer you macchiato (double espresso with 4 large dollops of micro foamed milk) or cortado (single espresso with same amount of micro foamed milk) to soften the punch without loosing the delicacy.
Are you up for it?
Ready to taste a different roasting style?
Mark it in your diary and bring a few friends too!
There is no fun days without good coffee, and nothing worst than not sharing such rare opportunity!

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