Understanding by investigative observation

For a lot of guys we are still, unfortunately, boys in our heart. I know how you feel if you are female reader, my sister and mum shaking their head.
But fortunately I can out things back together!
With an espresso coffee machine, we often made believe that they are very complicated. Some really are! Or 99% are!
This morning we finally couldn’t resist, after checking with our supplier we were told that the design of the Bosco Spring Lever is very simple yet thoughtful, just by unscrewing 4 screws you can remove the body cover. Fortunately we ask as what we initially thought was it only has rivets, which we couldn’t understand because with rivet one need to drill out and not recoverable.
Inside is very simple: 12 litre boiler, pressure stat to control temperature, safety valve and then pipes for two steam wands, hot water, cup warmer and then connection to the two spring lever group.
This, plus someone that can pull the lever will make some nice coffee! There is no need for any pump, just water and 13amp socket!






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