Reconditioning hot water spout toggle

Once in a while every device needs a little maintenance : The toggle that controls the hot water supply spout works but does not spring back to horizontal position.
Following a video demonstration from Bosco of Naploli we did it ourselves:
1. Unscrew front element ( tightened lightly only)
2. Toggle has ball joint that pushes an adjoining piece to the brass piece that has 2 o-ring.
3. Pull out brass piece (a little tight as this is exactly the issue here that stops toggle from returning to horizontal position) and clean o-ring seal and apply food safe lubricant.
4. Clean inside of chamber and apply lubricant
5. Push back brass piece into chamber, movement can be felt here much smoother.
6. After cleaning and reapplying lubricant to ball joint tighten back on.
7. And it is working again! Without the need of an extra cost on service engineers! Love the simplicity about it.








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