Kees van der Westen Frankenstein 1 Group Espresso machine for Safehouse Roaster fundraising

For those who couldn’t make it to Prufrock on the night of Feb 29th and was curious at what this machine is like, here it is!
A little text about it from John Gordon’s blog:

Kees van der Westen’s Frankenstein

Tinkering away in his workshop Kees was kind enough to build something amazing for us to Auction for the Safehouse Fundraiser.

A 1.300watt Kees van der Westen 1 group special, manual infusion (separate switches for group valve and pump), progressive pre-infusion, green light connected to element

From an old smith close to Kees workshop the machines frame is made from an old bike frame, everybody drops off their old metal into a large container and there is always some old bike frames for Kees to play with.

The Machine will be Auctioned with bidding starting monday night online ( details and photo’s available Monday Afternoon ) and finishing on Wednesday the 29th at the Safehouse Fundraiser event at Prufrock at 9:45pm.

A big Thank You goes out to Kees for the donation of something so special.








The moment it is auctioned off at £1800 to Mr James Hoffmann.

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