Sometimes we are not just about coffee….

We are just simple folks who love to make the most out of life and enjoy what we have.
On pancake day we were busy at work and couldn’t really make the best out of it. While everyone tweeted or blogged about what amazing pancake they had we simply just admired it.
This wonderful morning before coffee counter was open finally it is our turn, yes, pancakes!
As curious as we are in coffee, Mrs 1/2 Coming Soon Coffee did the same with pancake recipe:
American pancake base on more egg, butter, soda powder, baking powder and most importantly butter milk
BBC voted best pancake recipe of less flour, egg, butter and milk
The verdict:
4/4 to American formula because of the fluffiness yet stronger aromatic flavour.





One thought on “Sometimes we are not just about coffee….

  1. Mondomulia says:

    I made the French crêpes using my mum’s recipe: two eggs and as much flour and milk as you want, depending how heavy you want them to be. They were great but not as decadent as yours! 😉 Dreaming for the day you will add a breakfast menu to the coffee shop!! 🙂

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