For February 15, let’s try something new!

We know it is nothing new
We know a lot of you have done it
And perhaps a lot of you would say it is just a bit if gimmick
But then for us this is new
And have not able to do it before
Like a lot of things we do
We like to get our hands on it
So that we can really experience it
For a special occasion tomorrow
A February 15th
Isn’t it the best excuse to do it?
It may not be the right kind of bean
But we will be able to compare taste to method of brewing
The 2 extreme
Slow cold drip to espresso
Tell you more



2 thoughts on “For February 15, let’s try something new!

  1. yy says:

    Interesting! Kelvin and I were wondering today what this set of apparatus is for!

    • Thank you for visiting! Sorry taking so long to reply.
      Apparatus is for cold drip. Brewing coffee with cold water!
      First attempt not successful so needed more testing.
      It is basically tap to control flow of cold water dripping onto a wet bed of coffee ground and let it filter through. Normally takes about 6 hours.

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